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Get discovered by top names and work efficiently using our services to best monetize your community.

Walee shops

Walee Shops

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Influencer campaigns

How Influencer Marketing campaigns work

Slide Walee app Slide Apply For Campaigns Slide Get-selected-for-opportunities Slide Follow Instruction to Start

How Influencer marketing campaigns work

Slide download-app Step 1 Download app and register for
FREE as an Influencer.
Slide Step 2 Apply for campaigns. Apply For Campaigns apply-on-opportunity Slide get selected Step 3 Get Selected. Get-selected-for-opportunities Slide instruction, earning Step 4 Receive and follow instructions to start earning. start-earning

How Walee Shops work

Stock and promote brands' products on your Walee Shop and earn from sales.

Slide Setup your Walee Shop setup-walee-shop 01/04 curve arrow Setup your walee shop triangle Slide Stock it with products from brands stock-it-with-brands-products 02/04 curve arrow Stock it with brands and products triangle Slide curve arrow Share your unique Shop link
with friends and followers
share-your-unique-shop-links 03/04
Share your unique shop curve arrow triangle
Slide Track your performance and earnings track-your-performance-and-earning 04/04 curve arrow Track your performance triangle

Calling Walee Influencers

Our criteria is that you should be on at least one social media channel.

Calling Walee Influencers

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    Welcome Influencer

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