What is Walee

We are a fast growing Influencer Marketing and Social Commerce platform.

How it works

Businesses post
campaign calls on
Businesses select
Influencers and goals

Influencers promote product/brand and content to their followers

Followers view or
engage with content or
Brands pay
Influencers on

How Walee's Influencer network can help your business

Bring new ideas

Change thinking

Drive movements

Create awareness

Share experiences and opinions

Share a call to action

Promote demos

Key insights to track and pay on results

Benefits for businesses

Spend smarter

Ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram may not be as good value as compared with using Influencers.

Get results

Ad networks are risky as they do not offer any guarantees of success.

Work anytime, anywhere

Instantly create and run digital promotional and sales compaigns.

Collaborate effectively

Work with your selected Influencers and run campaigns based on agreed targets.

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